All About Hire With Ease

From where we started, to where we’re going

All About Hire With Ease

From where we started, to where we’re going

How Our Passion Drives Your Business’s Success

As a small business ourselves, Hire With Ease started the way many of our clients start: with a
passion to help our community. Tammi DeVille Merrell founded Hire With Ease after finding
that small businesses in the Denver area needed affordable, high-quality recruiting services.

Since then, current CEO Keely Berge Teynor has helped small business owners across the nation
find the staff and HR support they need to succeed in their industries.

By basing our services on a flat rate, instead of the standard percentage used by the more
traditional staffing agencies, we make expert recruiting services affordable and we’ve taken
some of the risk out of recruiting for small businesses. We’ll help you hire, and you can get back
to what’s important: growing your unique business.

We’ve sourced candidates in a range of industries:

Financial Advisory Firms
CPAs and Bookkeeping
Nonprofit Oranizations
Independent Heathcare Organizations
Internet-Based Business
Human Resources

We are driven to understand the needs of each and every small business we work with. We learn what the business owner instinctively knows about their operation and combine that with our recruiting expertise to bring you your next favorite hire. During the initial interview, we’ll ask things like:

  • What sets your business apart from others in their industry?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What obstacles stand in your way?
  • What is the office’s culture like?
  • What feels missing from your staffing equation?
We see it as our privilege and pleasure to help businesses and business owners of all kinds. We are here to help you realize your passion for building your business, one employee at a time.

Our team:

Keely Berge Teynor, Owner/CEO

Keely Berge Teynor

Erin Johnson, Hiring Specialist

Victoria Ortega
Hiring Specialist

Lisa Petrocelli, Hiring Specialist

Lisa Petrocelli
Hiring Specialist

Reece Pilar
Operations and Sales Manager

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