How Small Businesses Can Incorporate Our Human Resource Support Services

Anthony Richter

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You may not know that Hire With Ease, in addition to providing outstanding hiring assistance, has recently started offering affordable HR Support for the small business. Let’s walk through why this is not an investment in your business that you will want to pass up.

How HR Support and the HR Pros at Hire With Ease can help your small business

Regardless of what kind of business, or the level at which they’re currently operating, HR Support can be a valuable resource to the small business owner. New business growing fast and established small businesses with steady growth alike both struggle with justifying adding an HR pro on their staff, often because of the unforeseen benefits. Yet, HR issues still arise. You, or whoever might be tasked with the business’ HR responsibilities, most likely do not have any training in Human Resources. Staying up to date with all applicable laws and regulations regarding employment is very difficult for those without HR Training, especially when the business sector, how many employees you have, and what state you are in have to be considered.

Unfortunately, much more falls under the category of Human resources than just “onboarding and offboarding. All of these responsibilities can become overwhelming when you’ve had no human resource training or the ability to access state employment regulations. The concern of handling these important situations incorrectly is valid and can cost your business a lot of money if done incorrectly.

The HR Support Center and HR On-Demand are the perfect solutions for the small business owner overwhelmed by the lack of accessible HR skills and.information. The HR Support Center gives you 24/7 access to a whole world of HR training and information. This is a great online solution to ensure you have the resources available at your fingertips to guide you with issues around HR compliance, sample policies and procedures, applicable laws, and more.

Common HR Questions from our Small Business owning clients

  • What laws about COVID-19 and FMLA apply to our business in our state?
  • Do we have to pay an employee for overtime hours that they worked but were not authorized?
  • Do we have to give employees warning before we fire them?
  • What is the minimum wage currently? When will it be increasing? What if we can’t pay my employees that much?
  • What do we have to switch an employee from an hourly wage to an exempt salary basis?
  • What are the most recent rules and forms for unpaid interns?
  • What should be included in my business’s employee handbook?
  • If an employee broke a piece of equipment while working, can we deduct the cost of purchasing new equipment from his check?
  • Can employees work through lunch and leave early in our state?
  • Can we deduct the value of an unreturned company device from an employee’s final paycheck?
  • Do we have to pay recently fired employees for accrued vacation time?
  • How does unemployment work in my state?

If you ever asked yourself these questions, have new questions to add to our list, or curious about getting instant access to HR Advisors, Hire With Ease is ready for you! You can have immediate access to the online tools and access to live HR Advisors once your business is signed up.

Want to learn more about our process? Schedule a consultation today and find out if our HR Support services are right for you!

Want to learn more about our process? Check out our services page to learn more about how our HR Support and Recruiting Services can work hand in hand to help your business thrive.