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Festive Gal logo for Aurora based custom party supplies designer

Kevlyn Walsh, Founder

Festive Gal

I can’t tell you enough how helpful Hire With Ease’s HR portal is. I was able to speak with someone on the phone right away to get my questions answered. I am grateful for Hire With Ease’s help navigating this new territory of managing employees.

Ultra Design Center logo for Denver based hardware store

Kevin Castelo, General Manager

Ultra Design Center

The team at Hire With Ease has been our secret weapon in helping us build a world class team. They find high-quality candidates, even for more challenging searches, without compromising the standards for the position.

Asbestos abatement logo for Colorado Lead, Mold, and Asbestos Removal

Joel Egelman, President

Asbestos Abatement, Inc

We needed to hire a supervisor, but when I would attempt to do it I would either get so inundated with calls and emails that I couldn’t keep up or … I wouldn’t get any interest. Hire With Ease streamlined the entire process. I told them the type of employee I was looking for and all the specifics. Then all I needed to do was set aside time for interviewing.

Cathy Mueller CPA

They understand the things that make someone a great employee. Not only did Hire With Ease take the burden of hiring off my plate, but they were also unbelievably communicative during the process. I never once wondered what was going on because they were on top of keeping me in the loop. I will never use anyone else and will never again attempt to hire anyone on my own because of the amount of time they have saved me. Working with Hire With Ease is easily one of the top 5 business decisions I’ve made for my company.

Cathy Mueller, CPA, President
Mueller Accounting and Tax Services

Legal TV Leads logo for Denver based legal marketing firm

Mark Rinehart, Co-Founder

Legal TV Leads

Hire With Ease saved us an incredible amount of time by sorting through hundreds of applicants and presenting us with only the most qualified. By the time a candidate gets to us for an interview, I know I am talking to someone who is qualified.

The Stucy Group logo for Denver based luxury real estate agency

Karina Stevens,
Real Estate Broker

StucyGroup, LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

It’s so nice to be understood, but I feel like Hire With Ease also listened well and asked good questions. They are extremely good at what they do, and I am so grateful. Thanks for making us feel cared for.

Five Eggs logo for Denver based American diner

Sarah Lair, Founder

Five Eggs Meal Delivery Service

Working with Hire With Ease is an investment in finding the right person. The candidate that we hired through Hire With Ease makes me look great with the rest of the staff and with our competitors. They gave me back the time to run my business. I know they are going to take care of it and that I will be presented with good candidates.

Small business owners already wear too many hats. Working with Hire With Ease is an easy way to relieve the burden and worry of growing your staff.

Chris Lonigro, President

Generation Development

chris lonigro

David K. Billingslea

Private Wealth Advisor

Small businesses struggle with some of the rank-and-file hiring, and when the need arises, I have to put everything else on hold. That’s where Hire With Ease comes in. Their help is worth every penny. Their communication is very professional and effective. They’re thorough and also sensitive to time. Me searching through resumes doesn’t move my business forward. They take a genuine interest in helping you hire the right person and doing that as efficiently as possible.

Robb Moss, General Manager

American Heritage Restoration

When we’re looking for somebody, it’s always specific, and we always need them right now. Hire With Ease rises to the occasion and brings us the quality candidates we need every time. It’s a challenge to find that unicorn, that perfect person who will fit the job description and our core values. Everyone we’ve hired through Hire With Ease has been great. The candidates that they’ve brought us have been high-quality people. When you have more than one candidate that you want to make an offer to, that’s a good thing.

xpo logistics logo

Dan Schachtner, Denver Station Owner

XPO Logistics

Outsourcing part of our hiring process to Hire with Ease has made a profound difference for our company. They save me at least 40 hours of work on the front side, and I am still the final decision maker on new hires. That makes perfect sense as a small business owner.

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